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Christmas Crafts, Recipes, Gifts

Check out our ideas for making homemade Christmas crafts; assorted christmas recipes including our Turkey Stuffing Supreme and Grandma's Tasty Beet Salad; and Christmas gifts including some homemade gift ideas.


Christmas Crafts

Some cute ideas for projects to make Christmas more fun and personal including Sugar Cone Christmas Trees, Christmas Sparkle Ornaments, Christmas Garland, Magic Reindeer Food for Christmas Eve, Homemade Christmas Gift Wrap, Homemade Christmas Cards, Christmas Tuna Tree, Surprise Christmas Ice Cubes, Christmas Spice Potpourrie, and Marshmallow Popcorn Christmas Tree.


christmas crafts


Christmas Recipes

Includes an assortment of Christmas recipes such as Christmas Ornament Cookies, Christmas Plum Pudding and Hard Sauce, Christmas Surprises, Best Christmas Shortbread, No-Bake Christmas Fruitcake, Gourmet Cranberry Sauce, Christmas Eggnog, Christmas Stollen recipes, Turkey Stuffing Supreme, Grandma's Tasty Beet Salad, and lots more.


christmas recipes


Christmas Gifts, Collectibles, & Unique Gift Ideas

Includes an assortment of ideas for Christmas gifts, including some homemade gift ideas for those who wish their christmas presents to be of a more personal nature


xmas gifts


Christmas Shop

Christmas trees, christmas tree ornaments & decorations, Christmas indoor and outdoor decorations, figurines, and wreaths


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